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Saturday, March 10, 2012


The Society has started a 'show and tell' session during meetings; members share old photographs or artifacts.  This month our post is a "tool"; testing our visitor's knowledge of old antiques and photographs.  Some of these we know, and some we might be asking for help on.  The following item we know, do you?

ITEM:   This button and ribbon granted the wearer entry into a very popular recreational spot here in Bennington more than a century ago?  Also this year (1908) marked the beginning of an Annual celebration in town.   Can you name the recreational spot and celebration?

Clue:  The spot was named after an important founder and the celebration named after our primary industry. 

Answers:  Bunz Park and the Bennington Harvest Festival.   Bunz Park was located on the south side of the tracks.  It was one of the most popular parks in eastern Nebraska because of access.  Bennington's Depot and the train was right at the park's entrance.  People could plan an outing or festivity, ride the train and it was an easy walk to the park.  As this medalion shows, it was a popular venue even for large companies in Omaha.  Swift's was one, if the the largest packing house in Omaha at that time. 

In 1908, Bennington began its Annual Harvest Festival which was a three day event held in August.  It was like going to the State Fair, but only closer. 

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