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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Irises Developed by Hans and Jacob Sass

Sass Irises

Throughout the Bennington area, especially on old farmsteads and homes are irises; many were developed by Hans and Jacob Sass in the 1920s and 1930s.  These brothers developed a new technique to hybridize irises.  As a result, they created several dozen new types and color variations.  Sass irises were developed here in Bennington and are World renown.   More information on the brothers and their flowers can be found at:  The Greater Omaha Iris Society established the Sass Memorial Iris Garden in the 1970's at the Mahone State Park.  

Sass Memorial Iris Garden, Mahone State Park, Nebraska
The Bennington Historical Society has started a new project under the leadership of Lyle Sass; a relative of Hans and Jacob to reacquaint the Community with Sass Irises.  Lyle working with the Douglas County Historical Society and Greater Omaha Iris Society has acquired  several dozen types of Sass irises.   The varieties of many of these plants are unknown.  The project involves planting these flowers and when they bloom the plants will be identified by their flower.  It will take one or two years for the plants to bloom.  The clones of these plants will be used to develop iris gardens by the City of Bennington and others.     

Lyle Sass preparing iris plants originated by his ancestors in the 1920s & 1930s.
Lyle with the help of Linda and Gordon Mueller planted around 200 iris plants on the Mueller's farm.  Other plants are being planted by Society members and residents in town.  Lyle will be tracking the progress of these plans and will be coordinating with local experts to have the plants identified when they bloom.  

Lyle Sass and Linda Mueller overlooking an experimental iris bed.

Anyone in the Community having an area open in their garden or flower patch for some irises is more than welcome to join in on this endeavour while supplies are still available.  Just give Gordon and Linda a call at 402-614-7509

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