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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Spears and Fire

The Bennington Historical Society convened their November meeting by marching over to a member's home and starting a fire in their yard.  What followed was a ceremonial fire ritual.  Marshmallows were subjected to the fire until they burst into flames which were quickly smothered between graham crackers and sheets of chocolate.   Some folks call this making s'mores; however, it is much more.

Bennington Historical Society S'more Party

Making s'mores is a very personal thing.  There are those who only want a 'light toasted' marshmallow while others want a blazing infurnal until only a black charred skeleton remains.  This process undergoes a critical eye, from the creator rather than from others.  Not one criticism or self righteous remark was uttered which is remarkable from what we witness on TV now adays.  Friendship and tranquility reigned supreme as the hot chocolate and schnapps was passed around.  All was good with the world. 

Society's Vice President hard at work

There is something special about sitting around a fire on a cool night with friends.  A fire is hypnotic, it relaxing and somehow reassures us that everything is OK.  In survival classes, its taught one of the first things you need is fire; it's a necessary psychological "friend".  Possibly we need more fires today?
Sometimes it's easy to forget our Country is full of wonderful people and we are so blessed.  
Serious relaxing and bonding going on.  

The night was a success.  No serious burns were reported and it appeared everyone left a little more relaxed and happy.  

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