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Saturday, August 22, 2020

District #44 School hits the Road and an 'Old' History Report.


Rural School District #44 was sold and moved in 1956 to 144th Street to become someone's home.

We ran across and old report about the history of  Bennington in Edna Mohr's files.  For those who didn't know Edna, she taught school in the Bennington area for over 50 years.  She taught 3 generations and she was the primary editor for the Centennial Book entitled; Bennington, Nebraska 1892-1992. 

The author for the following report is unknown.  We would love to find out.  It was found with a couple of student papers that Edna had corrected.   It appears to be student report conducted by someone who must have interviewed an old resident.  It has a wealth of information, much of which was used in the Centennial Book.   

Hope you enjoy a historical document on the subject of Bennington's History.


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