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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Other Bennington Businesses and Institutions 1890 to 1915

Photograph (ca. 1890) taken at the intersection of 156th Street and Bennington Road looking southwest where Schettler's is now located.  The oldest businesses were located along the south side of the road between Bennington Road and the Papio Creek.  This land was not in the original town site (1888).  Herman Timme built the first store in 1887 which also housed Bennington's first Post Office.  To the south of him was Cook's Blacksmith Shop and next to the creek was Schneider's Saloon.  This area was developed by Clause Oft and was the first annexation to Bennington. 

Photograph (ca. 1889?) is believed to be of railroad workers laying track in the Bennington area.  Photograph was marked 'Jack Wagner" and is believed to have belonged to Jack who was a long-time resident of Bennington. 

Photograph (ca. 1900?) taken near the intersection of Bennington Rd. and Stark Street looking west at St. John's Lutheran Church  parsonage (church in background).  The church was built in 1898.

Photograph of Public School District 59, Built in 1892 and destroyed by a 1910 storm.  The school was located on the most prominent hill in town, located on North 2nd Street between Molly and Stark Streets.

Photograph (ca.?) of Oft's Grist Mill located on the west side of 156th Street south of the Papio Creek.  Photograph is looking east toward the 'old' 156th Street Bridge.
Photograph (ca. post 1910) looking northeast toward Bennington showing Clause Oft's Grist Mill and spring flooding on the Papio Creek.  This was taken prior to the creek being dredged.  Bennington Public School is seen on the hill in the background. Ice from this pond was harvested during the winter and stored in icehouses throughout town for later use in the summer.    

Photograph of the 1903 flood taken from the elevator looking west at 156th Street.  Oft's Grist Mill is seen in the upper left corner and on the right side of the railroad tracks you see Schneider's Saloon and Cook's Blacksmith Shop. The white house behind those businesses was built in 1893 and still survives   

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