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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Society Projects and Activities

Special Projects and Activities
What was it like Growing Up in this Area?    Long-time residents are being interviewed and asked what it was like growing up in this area.  Contributors describe their parents, grand parents, their careers, homes, home life, goals, schooling and much more.  Interviews take roughly an hour depending upon the 'flow' of conversation and stories.  Interviews are typed and reviewed by contributors who are also encouraged to add old photographs to the document. Participants this far include: Jerry Roe, Addie Backhuus, Lee Bunz, Doris Hoier, LaVerne Mueller and Jerry Miles.   For those interested in participating, please contact:  Gordon Mueller 402-614-7509,  

Festival of Trees 

Diane Warrick, Linda Mueller and Joanne Warrick by the Founding Family Tree

The Society participate in the Woman's Club Festival of Trees celebration that was held the weekend before Thanksgiving at St. John's Lutheran Church.  Thirty four Christmas Trees were displayed by local clubs, organizations and businesses. The theme of the Society's tree was: "Founding Families" which honored those families located in the Bennington area prior to 1900.  More than 140 were found through old records (see feature in this blog).  Proceedings went to the Library's Building Fund.   Delicious soups, and desserts, a bake sale, and raffle were also part of the festivities.  The project was led and designed by Diane Warrick with the help of Joanne Warrick and Linda Mueller (402-393-2382,

2013 Bennington Calendar  The Society is developing a Historical Calendar for 2013 which features old photograph of Bennington taken more than a century ago.  The calendar will also contain information on local historical events.  Proceeds from sales will help pay for other club activities.  Those interested in contributing help, old photos or other materials, please contact Lois Musel,  402-238-2485,

Historical Walking Tour of Bennington's Business District   A 12 page guide is available from the Society that describes and features old photos of Bennington businesses than were here a century ago.  Learn which buildings are the oldest, which are original, those that have been replaced and what businesses they held.  Copies are available for a $5 donation, please contact Gordon Mueller, 402-614-7509, 

A Power Point Presentation, "A Walk in History; Downtown Bennington Pre-1912" has been created by the Society.  Its a 30-40 minute show of old photographs of Bennington's business district and business owners prior to 1912.  If you have a group or organization that would like to see it, contact Gordon Mueller 402-614-7509. 

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