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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


A member of the Mangold family sent us an old photograph of Bennington that we haven't seen before.  Actually, it not only provided us a view of the business district we hadn't seen before; it provided us the name of a business owner.  

I was especially excited because it showed my great grandfathers livery stable in its entirety.  I've only seen small portions of the front from other photographs.  It was where you "parked" your horse if you took the train anywhere.  The depot was only a block further south.
Oft's Livery Stable, Bennington, NE.  ca. 1900
The photograph didn't have any information but it is obvious it was taken out of the loft of the Mangold elevator which was located on the south end of town by the railroad tracks.  

You are looking at the businesses on the east side of Stark Street.   That is Oft's Livery Stable located in the left center and the white building further to the left was originally Fredrichsen's Store.  The sign on the side says; "Nick Witt."  Nick apparently operated the store at this time and we know he was  the Chairman of the City Board in 1913.  We know this photo was taken prior to 1906; that is when the Woodmen of the World (Legion Hall) was built and its absent in this photo. 

We want to express our appreciation to the Mangold family.  Thanks!

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