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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Sunday Tornado of 1913

Easter Sunday Tornado of 1913

This is the centennial of the Easter Tornado of 1913.  This storm still represents the greatest lost of human life of any storm in Nebraska history; 168 were killed.  Nebraska Educational Television showed a special on the storm this Sunday.  They reported the storm ranged from Yutan to western Iowa and a minimum of 7 major tornado.  They missed the one came very close to Bennington; just 1½ miles to the northwest.  That tornado damaged Adolf Mueller’s and Otto Gottsch’s homes and totally destroyed Alex Gordon home.  

The Alex Gordon Home called "Hollyrood," Bennington, NE  

Roy Gordon recounted how the family survived.  Their family home was located on top of a hill and they saw the funnel cloud approaching from the southwest.  Roy and both of his parents ran west down the hill and laid flat in the creek.   The tornado howled by; totally destroying their home and farm buildings.  Following the tornadoes it snowed, adding more misery for the survivors.  

The Alex Gordon home destroyed by the
Easter Sunday Tornado, 1913


  1. Where was the Gordon home located?

    1. It is located 1 1/2 mile north and one mile west of Bennington, The Mueller farm was 2 miles west and the Gottsch farm was 1/2 mile west and 2 miles north. All in a straight line heading north east.

  2. I would like to know if anyone has one of the Gottsch Farm, as it was my great grandfathers farm-and my grandfather at the time he was 13 was milking cows when it hit...thank you Susan