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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sass Irises are being put to 'BED'

Lyle Sass submitted a grant to the Bennington Community Foundation for funding to help support the Bennington Historical Society's Sass Iris Project.  The Foundation approved a $2,000 grant which will significantly help in getting Sass Irises reintroduced into Bennington.  Two propagation beds, each containing 62 varieties of Sass Irises are being planted at two different locations.  One is located between the Society's Museum and the Sportsman's Bar. The other is located on the north end of town were Molley and Stark Street intersect.  

The Bennington Historical Society planting Sass Irises  Lyle Sass (center) giving orders to his troops. 
The Society's goal is to reintroduce over 100 varieties of irises developed by Hans and Jacob Sass.  The registered place of origin is "Bennington, NE."   Bennington is predominantly known on the World Map of Flowers.   

The propagation beds consist of plastic circles; each holding a different variety of irises.  These plants will multiply and their roots spread allowing the harvest of root material that can be planted in other locations.  Each type is carefully marked.

Sass Irises
 If you are interested in helping with the project let us know.  There is a previous article about this project on this blog or Goggle 'Sass Irises' for more information.  

Sass Iris Project; l-r. Bob and Ruth Zaruba, Lyle Sass, Linda and Gordon Mueller.  

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