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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Antique Appraisal Show

The Bennington Historical Society Held its 3rd Antique Appraisal Show November 8th.  Jeff Spencer and Gene Mueller were the hosts and the appraisers.  
Bennington Historical Society-- Antique Appraisal Show-- Lois Musel getting finding out about a century old tobacco and smoking feature from Jeff Spencer.  
Jeff described and discussed the history and value of about 30 different antiques brought in by Society members and the public. Some information surprised the group; some disappointed owners but everyone had a good time.  

The oldest item was a family trunk that Jeff estimated to be 200 to 250 years old and from Germany.  The trunk was hand built of mahogany and of dove-tail construction.  It was a jem.

Lyle Sass and Jeff Spencer discussing the history and value of a 200+year old family trunk.

Items ranged from Chinese and American porcelain, silver ware, old photos, guns, cameras, old post cards, an unusual pencil sharpener, smoking material and pocket watches.  The most expensive item was a collection of pocket watches valued at nearly $4,000 to a cigar box that produced the comment; "well I have some bad news."  We all had fun and learned something new.  Our thanks once again goes to Jeff and Gene for sharing their time and expertise.  
Jan and Ivar share some very old family photographs, some predating the Civil War. 

Linda Klabunde and Linda Mueller collected donations and kept the peace.   

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