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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thinning Down the Sass Irises

Flower Posse planting irises. (l-r) Ginger McGurk, Ellen Dahlstet, Dee Krejci, Gordon Mueller, Bob Zuruba.

The Flower Posse was busy again, this time thinning and replanting irises from the display and propagation garden on Main Street.  The garden was originally planted two years ago and the plants loved their new home, growing and spreading.  Last spring was a beautiful bloom.  The plastic rings are being replaced with brick and the plants thinned out and replanted.  The surplus plants are being transferred to a new garden in front of the Police Station.  There the Posse is developing a garden of all the award winning Sass Irises.   
The Posse will be thinning other flower beds this fall.  Surplus plants go to volunteers and are given to residents during Bennington Daze and the Iris Festival which is held in the spring.  Those interested in joining please contact the Bennington Historical Society.   

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