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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Heritage Days at Fort Atkinson State Historical Park. Oct. 1-2

Fort Atkinson has reenactments the first weekend of each summer and the next and last is October 1-2.  We had the pleasure to attend during the September reenactment.   It was a beautiful day and what a treasure in our own back yard.  You have to go and take the kids and grandkids.

 Volunteers are dressed in period dress and uniforms.  Here is the drummer and he was really good.  We caught him 'tuning' this drum.  
We even caught the officers eating lunch.  One interesting fact is that during one bad winter, nearly have the garrison died of scurvy and starvation because provisions couldn't get in; remember this was the 1820's.  After that they began growing and raising their own food.  They were quite successful.
This is Judy and she was starting to actually prepare a dinner.  They were having a pork loin stuffed with apples and a yam pudding.  Cooking from a fireplace took skill!
They demonstrated weaving, spinning yarn, making lace and other important crafts and skills.
Making lace

Quilt making
School was even in session.
The blacksmiths were busy showing how red hot metal could be shaped into nails, hinges, and other tools and implements.  It was really interesting.  

Remember "Heritage Days"  October 1-2.  

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