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Monday, November 26, 2012


YEEPEE! It took a couple of hours, mostly figuring out my scanner, but I DID IT. So send me your pictures, your articles, whatever, I'm on a ROLL!

My Mother-in-law, A 1940 Beauty!

Hurt farmer

Good Neighbors!

The rest of Freds story

Bennington news

Hello everyone, I'm Linda Klabunde. Wife of Larry and daughter-in-law of Elmer and Lenora (Sass) Klabunde. Both of their families have lived in the Bennington area since around 1887 (more or less).
When we were going tho Lenoras things we ran across a dozen scrap books with newspaper articles dating back to the 1930's. Gordon and I thought you might like seeing some of these. So if you like what you see and your family should happen to have any articles or photos (with names please) shoot me and e-mail andI'd be happy to scan them and add them to our history.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading these.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bennington Celebrates 125 Years!

The Bennington Historical Society celebrated the 125th Anniversary of Bennington's founding on November 18 at the Library Community Room in Bennington.  Bennington's town site was dedicated November 15th, 1887.  The celebration included an open house that featured historical displays, artifacts, refreshments and a presentation.  Approximately 40 attended.  

Guests and refreshments at Bennington's 125th Celebration
Guests were treated to displays featuring a presentation of founding family names, artifacts from the Bunz family, old photographs of town, artifacts found at the Bennington Roller Mill site, and maps showing ownership of lands and City lots.  

Society Members:  Julie Dunn, Diane Warrick, and Linda Mueller
Society Members; Clarence Laaker, Jan and Bob McKelvie, Ginger McGurk and Linda Klabunde

A power point presentation entitled; "What and Who was Here Before Bennington?" was given at 1:30 and 2:15.  The presentation featured a summary of the Great Plains landscape, the forces which shaped its settlement by humans and how the local area became one of the most important travel corridors for Westward expansion.
Bennington is located within 10 miles of river boat traffic which traveled up the Missouri River as far west as Montana; the Mormon trail where pioneers traveling by  wagon trail came through this area and the Union Pacific Railroad which laid its tracks just 10 miles to the south of us that completed the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869.
Gordon Mueller presenting
"Who and What was here Before Bennington?"
A good time was had by all.