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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

From Peral Harbor to Hiroshemia

    We are very proud to announce that we have changed or display at the museum to Honor all of the Vetrans who have served our great country from around the time of the Civil War to the present.
     It is so exciting for us that so many people have given us the opportunity to display their families pride in serving, whether at home or overseas.
 So here are just a few of the items we have collected.
                                                        Enjoy looking at them!

The mug Dick Musel was given by the guys on his ship. His ship was the one that picked up the first animal the US shot into space. A Monkey!
 While Time magazine told people about the war "Life" wanted them to see for them selves what was going on!
Posters like this have been used in times of war for hundreds of years.
this one is from WWI
 These are actually mortar shells. This is known as "Trench Art"
 While the soldiers were setting around with nothing to do, and I guess in WWI  that happened a  lot. The soldiers would carve pretty much anything they could get their hands on and mortar shells were plentiful.
 POW_MIA  Flag Viet Nam, Army blanket WWI, belonging to Ted Bunz,
Mortar case,  2 Civil War Cannon Balls 12lbers,  2 Mess Kits 1 WWI , 1 WWII, 1Aniti Aircraft mortar shell
and 1 60lb Backpack.
 Bob and Ruth Zaruba We are happy to pay special tribute to Their son-in-law United States Marine Corps Sniper
 J. Robinson.
Hello All     I have been very remiss in getting these pictures to you in a timely fashion. I'm sorry about that and promise to do better in the future.
 Here are some more pictures of our Antique road show. Hope you enjoy them.

                 Deb Almquist brought a Swedish Bible from the Gottsch family

                                               Addie  has this beautiful mantel clock

                                              Joyce Graybill and Joann Warwick

                                    Silver coffee set from one of Bennington's hotels

                                      Green glass, Art Deco vase 1925-1930 $50
                                                  This was in perfect condition!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Antique Appraisal Show

The Bennington Historical Society held its fall Antique Appraisal Show at the Saint John's Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall.  Approximately 60 attended.  Mr. Jeffrey Spencer and Gene Mueller appraised antiques, old coins and family heirlooms.
Jan McKelvie and Linda Klubunde greeted and collected donations
The Society served beverages and baked goods, sugar was in great demand and supply.  (I ate 4 brownies!!).  The Society also offered for sale their 2014 calendar that features group pictures throughout history in our community (faces and names).  About $300 was raised and will be used in Society projects. 

Jeff Spencer appraising a piece of jewery for Jan and Bob McKelvie

A wide range of antiques were brought.  They included: silverware from the Layman Hotel, antique firearms, jewelry, crockery, century old dolls, carnival glassware, paintings, posters, baby buggy, clocks, pocket watches, coins, furniture, WWII war relics, old WWII letters, tin type photographs, cloths, and pictures.  A great deal was learned by everyone.  

Jeff Spencer is describing the history of a century old "Buggy Comforter" brought by Linda Klabunde 

A century old Circus Poster for Ord, Nebraska
Bennington History Society's Antique Appraisal Show