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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Historic Signs for Bennington

Bennington is “wearing its history on its sleeve” these day through the efforts of the Bennington Historic Society.  The Society designed and installed 16 street signs that show and describe old historic photographs; some going back to the 1890’s and the signs are located where those photographs were originally taken.  

The project also created brass plaques for those historic buildings over a century old.  Both types of signs describe the photo and events at that time.  The project was funded through donations from individuals, families and businesses that sponsored individual signs.   Others have expressed interest in sponsoring additional signs.  We anticipate having additional signs made.

Key members of the design committee included: Louis Musel, Jan and Bob McKelvie, Diane Warrick and Gordon Mueller.

l-r: Bob McKalvie, Lois Musel, Gordon Mueller, Diane Warrick, Jan McKalvie

The images are located in the Historic Business District and positioned on street light poles to show visitors and residents “then & now”.  Gordon Mueller, Society President offered; “This is a great project honoring the founders of our great town.   It’s important to remember their contribution. Support has been outstanding and we thank everyone for their support and interest.” 

Sign Locations

Early Boots and LaddersDa

In another 'Interview' event the Society interviewed Dale Smith and Larry Arp about their early years on the Bennington Fire and Rescue Squads.  Both joined in the early 1960's and combined provided the Bennington Community more than 75 years of volunteer service.  Questions included 'why' they joined; some of the worst and best calls; and advice they would give those thinking about serving.  The central theme was that people need to volunteer.

About 40 people attended to listen to early stories and events by these two renown Community volunteers.  Refreshments and drinks were served. (Who brought those delicious brownies?).  The section was video taped for posterity.    

Dale Smith, Larry Arp, Gordon Mueller--The Bennington Historical Society